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Convicted Killer Sues Victim’s Family

A man serving time for the murder of a former friend and business partner is suing his victim’s family for emotional distress.

Mother Sues School, Students and Parents for Allowing Bullying

After repeated physical assaults on her daughter went unanswered, DeAnn Cooks was allegedly told by the Assistant Principal of her daughter’s Tulsa, Ok., school to drop her complaint because it made them look bad.

Gay Couple’s Suit Over Defiled Dildo Displayed on Luggage Trolley Dismissed

On ovember 29, 2012, Judge Kenneth Hoyt ruled to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Christopher Bridgeman and Martin Borger against Continental Airlines for negligence and invasion of privacy after their sex toy was found befouled and taped prominently to their vandalized luggage.

Chinese Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Baby

The father told reporters, "I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me."

Elderly Woman Dies After Being Injected With Soup

Ilda Vitor Maciel, 88, of Rio de Janeiro, died in a hospital last month. Maciel had been admitted to Santa Casa de Barra Mansa after suffering a stroke, and died after receiving an injection from a nurse technician. A lawsuit filed by her family claims that the nurse injected soup into the elderly woman’s veins instead of into her feeding tube.

Lawsuit: Boss Hacked Temp’s Phone, Publicly Ridiculed Nude Pics of his Fiancée

It’s bad enough that you don’t have anywhere to plug in your phone when you’re a temp, but it seems that one Texas employer made it much worse for the man temping at his office.

Man Sues Denver Over Jail Assault, Scalded Genitals

Jamal Hunter has filed a Complaint and Jury Demand against the City of Denver and several of its deputies for doing nothing in the face of the extreme abuse he suffered at the hands of inmates and deputies while incarcerated at the jail for a misdemeanor offense.

Woman Sues in Case of Hep C-Positive Radiology Technician

A Kansas woman has filed a negligence lawsuit relating to the case of David Kwiatkowski, who is believed to have taken his patients’ intravenous drugs and used the infected needles on the patients. The suit alleges that one hospital and two staffing agencies had knowledge of Kwiatkowski’s activities, and failed to pass on that information.

Gay Couple Sues after Baggage Handlers Defile and Display Their Dildo

On retrieving their checked baggage, a gay Norfolk, Va., couple found that their luggage and their sex toy had been vandalized in a prank they allege was intended to embarrass and ridicule.

Dallas Cowboys Sued Over Burned Backside

A woman is suing the Dallas Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones, claiming she suffered third degree burns after sitting on a hot bench at Cowboys stadium.

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