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MacDonald’s patron given only one napkin with meal sues

An angry California man is suing MacDonald’s after he got gypped on his fair share of napkins. When he asked the server to remedy the situation, he claims to have been treated with prejudice, and is suing the restaurant chain to the tune of $1.5 million for causing him “undue mental anguish.”

Pimp serving life for stomping john’s face with Jordans sues Nike

Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 26, is serving life in an Oregon prison for the brutal 2012 stomping of the face of a john, who reportedly tried to get out of paying. The victim survived, but his face was turned to goo. Clardy is now suing Nike for $100 million for failing to label the shoes with a warning.

Cheerleader sues NFL team for a fair wage

We see cheerleaders on TV every weekend during football season dancing and shaking their pom-poms, but one Oakland Raider cheerleader isn’t jumping up and down with glee – she’s taking her NFL team to court.

Lawsuit: Discharged patient wasn’t ‘uncooperative’ he was dead

You wouldn’t think that there was a fine line between “uncooperative” and dead, but a lawsuit filed in Cumberland County North Carolina explores just that part of one hospital’s treatment of a severely ill cancer patient, who was undeniably dead by the time the cab from the hospital got to his house.

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Real-life misfeasance, malfeasance, and mayhem of medical professionals.

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Ten lawsuits that prove you can pretty much sue anyone for anything.

Lawsuit: Gynecologist sprayed drain cleaner in patient’s vagina

Akron, Ohio, gynecologist Dr. John Black is being sued after a patient claims that a routine yearly check up became a painful, disfiguring experience that wound up in the local emergency room. The woman was reportedly undergoing a routine pelvic exam when the doctor reportedly reached for a spray bottle marked vinegar, and sprayed the substance onto her sex organs into her vaginal canal.

Canadian man waited a day in ER, died waiting

Like something out of an absurd late-night comedy sketch, the doctor that finally examined double amputee Brian Sinclair, who had been waiting in a Winnipeg emergency room for a whole day, said Sinclair had been dead for hours.

Botched raid? Police kill 80 year old in bed, widow sues

Police said they smelled meth and got a warrant, but there was no meth, just an old man and his wife, and now the man is dead, unjustly, according to his widow.

Serial Killer Files Suit: Death Row Too Hot

Three death row inmates are suing the Louisiana Department of Corrections, the Corrections Secretary and two prison wardens over what they call the “appalling and extreme” heat on the death row of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as Angola. The suit contends that authorities have not met the requirement to treat death row inmates humanely.

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