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Today in Crime History: Highway Killer Larry Eyler Sentenced to Prison

On December 28, 1990, serial killer Larry Eyler was sentenced to 60 years in prison for murder. He’d later be sentenced to death, but the state would never get to carry out their grim task; Larry died in prison of AIDS.

Today in Crime History: Serial killer passes a polygraph

On December 18, 1990, suspected serial killer Larry Eyler took a lie detector test and passed. He also pleaded not guilty to murder, but eventually ended up confessing to killing 21 people. He died of AIDS while in prison.

Today in Crime History: Farmer Finds Remains of Another Highway Killer Victim

On October 15, 1983, a farmer’s plow turned up skeletal remains of an unidentified murder victim in Jasper County, Indiana, southwest of Rensseler. The bones were notched by knife wounds, indicating death by stabbing. The third victim of the Highway Killer found that month. A few days later mushroom gatherers would stumble across his private graveyard.

Today in Crime History: Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies Convene to Discuss Series of Highway Murders

On May 15, 1983, Indiana law enforcement agencies gathered to discuss the recent highway murders. Larry Eyler, 31 years-old at the time, was named the highway murderer in the coming days.

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