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Driver who exposed himself was suffering after effects of ‘manzilian’ wax job

Yes, the man allegedly told officers that the skin around his genitals was so itchy and irritated after a Brazilian wax job that he had to take his pants off to drive.

Murder suspect released because court’s fax ran out of ink

The prime suspect in a murder case was released from prison to await trial because the court failed to respond to his faxed request for release in a timely fashion — they ran out of fax toner.

Woman arrested for stiffing cabbie of $1000 cab ride

Denise Rebelato, 31, arrived at JFK Wednesday from her native Brazil, and decided to take a taxi cab to her home in Framingham, Massachusetts, nearly 200 miles away. She hailed the cab of Adnan Chaudhury, and reportedly worked out a fare of $980 with him for the four-hour ride. When they got to her destination, she stiffed him.

Slideshow: Lamest celebrity excuses

Celebs say the darndest things!

Florida man arrested for ‘airing out’ penis, ‘fluffing’ it in front of Goodwill store

William Gibson, 55, is facing charges of lewd and lascivious exhibition in the presence of the elderly after allegedly exposing himself in front of a Goodwill store in a strip mall, and allegedly doing all manner of inappropriate things with his genitalia in public.

Accused Rapist Had Sex With Victim ‘To Save Her Life’

Utah man Rodger William Kelly is accused of first-degree felony rape in what he says was actually a valiant life-saving rescue attempt. Authorities have not confirmed whether or not his actions saved the victim; his arrest this week suggests otherwise.

Woman Feigns Labor Pains to Avoid Arrest

After a litany of lame excuses intended to get her out of an arrest, Ohio woman Tamara Grissett told police she was in pain and was having complications with her pregnancy. No word on whether she is actually pregnant.

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