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The Riverside Prostitute Killer

On June 28, 1989, police found the body of missing prostitute Kimberly Lyttle, 28, yest another victim of the serial killer also known as the Lake Elsinore Killer. The trail of bodies would eventually lead to Bill Suff, a county stock clerk with a 1974 conviction for beating his two-month-old daughter to death, a penchant for impersonating police officers, and a love of chili cook-offs. Believed to have killed from 12-22 prostitutes, he is thought to have cooked the breast of one of his victims in a prize-winning batch of chili.

Bill Suff: The riverside prostitute killer

On February 8, 1990, farmers working at an orchard discovered the nude body of Carol Lynn Miller, 35, a known prostitute and drug addict. Miller had gone missing one month earlier and became one of 19 victims of the Riverside Prostitute Killer, AKA the Lake Elsinore Killer: mild-mannered county government employee Bill Suff.

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