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VIDEO: Teen Microwaves Kitten

Two Maine teens sparked Internet outrage when they filmed themselves microwaving a kitten and posted the video online.

Authorities Seek Women Who Gave Away Rabid Kittens at Walmart

Animal Control Authorities in Henry County, Georgia, are trying to quickly locate two women who gave away six kittens in the parking lot at the Walmart in McDonough last month, and anyone who adopted, or who had contact with any of the kittens.

Man Accused of Declawing Kittens at Home

Two eight-week-old kittens had to be euthanized after police say they were declawed by their owner, Eric Gaskin of Washington, D.C. Officers from the Washington Humane Society visited Gaskin’s home in may, and found the two kittens that they believed were “victims of extreme cruelty.”

Restaurant Owner Arrested for Swinging Kittens

A 25-year-old Philadelphia restaurant owner has been arrested on charges of animal cruelty following the discovery of a surveillance tape allegedly showing him torturing cats.

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