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Your Daily Creepout: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng’s List of Rules

Serial killer duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng videotaped themselves raping and torturing women inside a bunker in Wilseyville, Calif. On the door of the bunker hung the list of rules seen here. The victims, even those who followed the rules, were killed and either burned or buried in the yard.

Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, Lonely Hearts Killers

On August 14, 1948, Fernandez married Myrtle Young, while a jealous Beck posed as his sister. Young was penniless and dead within days, the marriage never consummated. This is the story of a desperately lonely overweight Beck, who fell for Fernandez, a man who robbed and murdered women that he met through the personals.

Ricky Davis and Dena Riley: Real Snuff Movies

On May 15, 2006, fishermen discovered the nude, raped and badly beaten body of Marsha Spicer. A woman came forward linking Spicer to Davis, who had asked her to become a serial killer with him, strangling women during three-way sex and videotaping it for fun. She turned him down, but someone else, it seemed, had not.