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Today in Crime History: Killer couple Fred & Rose West claim another victim

Around 10 p.m. on December 27, 1974, college student Lucy Partington was on her way to catch a bus home after visiting a friend. She had the misfortune to meet up with Fred and Rose West, who abducted her. She was tortured for approximately a week and then murdered, dismembered and buried in Fred’s construction projects.

Police: Young ‘couple just wanted to murder someone together’

The young couple eloped and married just this fall. Then in an act that Sunbury Police Corporal brad Hare describes as “pretty twisted,” they decided that in addition to spending the rest of their lives together, they wanted to kill together. Now it looks like they may just spend the rest of their lives separated by prison walls.

Lesbian Love Triangle Leaves Brandy Stevens-Rosine Dead

A lesbian couple in Pennsylvania has admitted to burying a young, vibrant woman alive in a shallow grave.

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