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Child’s birthday party culminates in attempted murder

For her birthday, every year, Morgan, 12, is allowed to have two friends over for a sleepover. This year, she allegedly suggested to her friend that they use the event as cover to kill a third little girl from their class. The motive? Allegedly, to ingratiate themselves with anti-hero Slenderman from, and ascend to his level.

Murder, they blogged

On April 17, 2006, FBI agents found the body of Jamie Rose Bolin, 10, in a plastic tub in the bedroom of Kevin Ray Underwood — along with skewers and meat tenderizer. Underwood it seemed had made the move to bridge the gap between blogging about acts of cannibalism and performing them. A look at this case and others involving killers who blogged.

A look at school killers

In the late 1990s, it seemed like an epidemic had hit American schools: Children were acquiring weapons, and then going to school to kill teachers and classmates. Various cultural influences were targeted for blame, but this type of violence continues today. A look at some of the more infamous school killers in America and what motivates them,

Today in Crime History: Barry Loukaitis Goes on a Killing Spree

On February 2, 1996, Barry Loukaitis decided that it would be "fun" to enter his algebra class with a high-powered rifle, two pistols, seventy-eight rounds of ammunition and go on a killing spree. What turns kids into killers?

Police: Texas Teen Confessed to Killing Mom, Sister

It was 12:34 a.m. Thursday when Texas teen Jake Evans, 17, picked up the phone and made the call saying, “Uh, I just killed my mom and my sister.”

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