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The Chowchilla school bus kidnappers

On July 15, 1976, three reckless young men, all black sheep from affluent California families, thought they had committed the "perfect crime" when they carjacked and a school bus full of children, and held all 26 children and the driver, Ed Ray, for a $5 million ransom.

Linda Ann Weston and the Philadelphia dungeon case

A supposed caretaker is accused of imprisoning, abusing and killing mentally disabled people and pocketing over $200,000 in benefits. The case against Linda Ann Weston is the first time hate crime charges have been pressed against someone accused of abusing the disabled.

Slideshow: Snatched by a stranger

High-profile cases of child abductions that captivated the nation and instilled fear in the hearts of parents everywhere.

Woman kidnapped on street in NYC was forced into prostitution for months

A woman turned up in downtown Salt Lake City with an horrifying story of being kidnapped by two people and forced into the human trafficking and sex industry. Jean Joseph, 26, and Tara L. Pinnock, 24, were arrested on Monday in Utah on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, aggravated assault and kidnapping. Police say the pair [...]

The Lindbergh kidnapping

Famous American aviator Charles Lindbergh, his wife and young son lived a peaceful life in New Jersey until March 1, 1932 when their world collapsed. The Lindbergh Baby, as he became known, was kidnapped from the couple’s home. His disappearance and murder became a media sensation and brought to the Lindberghs the attention they’d sought to avoid by moving into a secluded mansion.

NY City: Teen sex slave escapes captors

A 14-year-old Queens girl abducted and held in Jamaica, Queens, for months as a sex slave is finally free. She was able to use an unattended cell phone to surreptitiously call her grandmother and the police on February 3, 2014. Her grandmother reported the unnamed teen missing last September. The girl ran away after complaining [...]

A woman’s torturous ordeal at the hands of Jeffrey Maxwell

A deeply religious woman is kidnapped and held captive. For twelve days, she endured sexual torture and beatings so horrible, her captor said to her, “By the time I’m through, you won’t believe in God.”

The kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr.

The kidnappers struck on December 8, 1963, just five days after the Kennedy assassination. Though the plot was a half-baked and masterminded by an amateur, Barry Keenan, it nevertheless succeeded. Bragging finally got Keenan and his two accomplices, Joe Amsler and John Irwin, caught.

Today in Crime History: Steven Stayner abducted by pedophile Kenneth Parnell

On December 4, 1972, Steven Stayner, 7, was abducted into sexual slavery Kenneth Parnell, an ordeal that would last more than seven years. Steven’s step-grandfather had a cabin in Yosemite a few hundred feet from Parnell’s, but never knew that Steven was within easy shouting distance. Ironically, Steven’s older brother, Cary, would later become the serial killer known as the Yosemite Murderer,

The kidnapping and murder of Brooke Hart

The 1933 kidnapping and subsequent murder of popular, attractive young man Brooke Hart, 22, so angered the people of San Jose, California, that on November 26, a mob over 5000 strong stormed the jail and lynched the suspects.

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