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Listen: Who says official announcements have to be boring?

It’s hard to think of a duller medium than the prerecorded announcement. The content is usually important, but dry. James Detwiler, Principal, recently reflected, “We want our students to see that there are fun ways to use technology and social media to be creative,” so this announcement he sung to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Enjoy.

Man allegedly ran through Bingo hall, pants down, yelling ‘Bingo!’

Deharra Waters was arrested after allegedly running though a hall full of serious Bingo players, with his pants down yelling “Bingo!” and rattling patrons and employees alike. We don’t know if the players were rattled because of Waters’ behavior, because they thought they lost, or because he tricked them into thinking that they lost.

Police: Smoking Man Killed by Exploding Oxygen Tank

A man in Kentucky seems to have finally killed himself up by smoking on the front porch with his oxygen tank despite warnings from loved ones — this was the third time he blew himself up this way. Richard Jones 52, of Rowen County Kentucky is dead after a July 24, 2013, explosion on his [...]

Joseph Banis Gets Life for the Murder of James Carroll

Joseph Banis was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for the December 2009 murder of his drug dealer and sexual rival James Carroll, who was stabbed and shot during a drug-fueled ménage à trois with Banis and his ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Mundt.

The Carrollton School Bus Inferno

On Saturday, May 14, 1988, at 10:00 p.m. a Radcliff First Assembly of God youth group was on a bus heading home to Radcliff, Kentucky, from an amusement park outing. Most of the 67 on the bus were minors. After a fiery collision with a drunk driver, 27 of the passengers were dead.

Heather Lynn Dykman: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Rehab

"I came down for a 30-day rehab program." These words were spoken by Dykman before the judge after an alcohol-fueled hate rant at flight crew, who denied Dykman her third alcoholic beverage, landed her in jail. As unique as that explanation may seem, she was not the only one to offer it that day.

Meet Rodney Wold, Animal Lover

Rodney Wold, 64, of Louisville, Kentucky, is facing charges after sticking up for our furry friends the rabbit and squirrel by pointing his loaded AK-47 at his neighbor. The man confirmed that they had had previous issues, though Wold did not have a criminal record — until now.

Joseph Banis to Testify Against Ex-Boyfriend in Kentucky Love Triangle Murder

A judge will decide whether Joseph Banis, convicted of killing James Carroll in 2009, will testify against his ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Mundt. The two men each blame the other for Carroll’s death, which occurred as a result of a drug-fueled sex tryst gone wrong.

Man Charged With Animal Cruelty for Biting Off Baby Bird’s Head

A Kentucky man may find himself a jailbird after a grotesque Youtube video caught the attention of authorities. Bradley Heard, 29, is charged with second-degree animal cruelty for allegedly biting off the head of a baby bird.

Spotlight: The Woman on Kentucky’s Death Row

In the state of Kentucky, there are 37 inmates on death row. The 36 men wait out their days at Kentucky State Penitentiary. The sole woman, Virginia Caudill, resides at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women.