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Daughter lived with mother’s corpse for three years

A Brooklyn hoarder lived her mother’s corpse for two or three years. But she made the best of them.

Anthony Sowell: The Cleveland Strangler

The complaints against Sowell, the reports of missing women and the stench around his house went ignored by Cleveland police for years — until a naked woman threw herself through his front window. At that point police did take action, but it was too late for the 11 victims they found moldering in his home.

Slideshow: Keeping the body

While most killers are eager to get rid of their victim’s body, there are some who prefer to hold on to it , to let it ferment.

Video: Belgian woman slept with dead husband for a year

A landlord who was evicting an elderly couple in Liege, Belgium, got the shock of his life when he found that the husband, named only as Marcel H., 79, had died, and his wife just wrapped him up in a blanket and kept him there.

Mom Preserves Son’s Body for 18 Years Using Vodka

A video shows a mother who has preserved the body of her son for 18 years using traditional methods and later, vodka.

Dutch Woman Keeps Dead Mother’s Body in Freezer for a Week

A woman in the southwestern Netherlands was questioned by police after they found that she had been keeping her dead mother’s body in the fridge for a week, because she couldn’t bring herself to say "good-bye."

Burglar Breaks in, Finds Dead Body

A burglar in New Zealand may be too traumatized to rob anyone again after discovering a hanging body in a house he broke into.

Trial Underway for Man Accused of Killing Girlfriend, Living With Rotting Corpse

Jurors in a Stockton, Calif., courtroom were shown graphic images of a woman’s decomposing body Friday and told by a prosecutor that the woman, 35-year-old Veronica Jones died a brutal death. The defendant, Jones’s boyfriend Devon Epps, is accused of raping and killing her, and then living with her dead body for several months.

Man Returns from Prison to Find Dead Wife’s Mummified Remains

Prison inmate Eduardo R. complained that he hadn’t heard from his wife in over a year, her friends were concerned, and her neighbors complained to police of a stench emanating from the home, but all requests for a well-being check were denied because she was believed to have poor personal hygiene.

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