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Wedding bells for Paul Bernardo?

Has cupid finally pierced the stone-cold heart of Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo? Most are skeptical. Last fall, Bernardo reached out and touched the heart of an unidentified Canadian woman. Her father describes her as “brilliant but psychologically and emotionally fragile and lacking in street smarts.” Her family is hoping to change her mind about the serial killer.

Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka

Known as the ‘Ken and Barbie Killers’ Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo were a beautiful pair with ugly desires. Together, they raped and killed young girls, starting with Karla’s own sister. Tammy. Paul is still behind bars, but Karla got a deal, and on July 4, 2005, was released from prison to disappear into anonymity.

Today in Crime History: The Death of Tammy Homolka

On December 23, 1990, Karla and her husband Paul Bernardo, aka Canada’s "Ken and Barbie Sex Killers" took their first victim: Homolka’s young sister Tammy. Tammy’s virginity was to be Paul’s Christmas present from Karla, who no longer had her own to give. Doped with halothane, Tammy died of an overdose while they raped her.

Body Parts in the Mail: International Search Continues for Porn Actor Turned Murderer

On Tuesday, political advisor Jenni Byrne opened a package that had been mailed to the headquarters of Cananda’s Conservative party. What she saw shocked and disgusted her — the box contained a severed human foot. But that was just the beginning.

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