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Couple spends $25,000 to find reason SWAT raided their home.

A Kansas couple decided to hire an attorney to get to the bottom of why police raided their home in April of 2012. They found shoddy police work and a cover-up that they never would have known without the money to hire the attorney.

Proposed Kansas bill allowing spanking that leave marks, bruises is ‘dead’

Current Kansas law allows parents to spank their children, but not to leave marks. Rep. Gail Finney, Dem., proposes that ten strikes with an open hand should be okay, even if it leaves marks or bruises, because it would restore parental rights and improve discipline. The relevant committee head has refused to schedule a hearing.

Three in custody for robbing dying woman at drive-through New Year’s Eve

With the help of tips from outraged residents of East Harry, Kansas, police have three men in custody for robbing a medically ill woman as she lay stricken in her car New Year’s Eve at a Taco Bell drive-through.

Slideshow: Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer

For three decades, the BTK killer terrorized Wichita. He would cut the phone lines, break into the house and wait for his victim to come home. Then the murders inexplicably stopped, and the trail went cold, until March 2004 when BTK resurfaced, this time in a letter to a newspaper.

Peeping Tom chased through Kohl’s by angry topless woman

Monday a young woman trying a bras in the women’s fitting room at a Khol’s department store in Kansas noticed a man filming her. Once spotted, the man left the fitting room, but the victim’s anger was already sparked. Her privacy violated, the woman’s first instinct was not cover herself, but to give chase.

In Cold Blood: The Clutter family killings

On November 15, 1959, convicts invaded the Clutter home looking for money. When they found none, they slaughtered the family. The brutal murders were the inspiration for Truman Capote’s classic In Cold Blood.

Let’s Go Back in Time to When BTK Was Just a Regular Guy

The Wayback Machine is a great tool for taking trips down Internet memory lane. Just take a look at Crime Library’s snazzy getup circa 1999. For aficionados of the unsettling, it can also be a way to go back to a time when a notorious murderer was an everyday guy, blending in with the community and keeping his bloody hobby under wraps.

Today in Crime History: Vicki Wegerle is Murdered by the BTK Serial Killer

On September 16, 1986, BTK claimed his ninth known victim, Vicki Wegerle. Police, however, suspected her husband, Bill Wegerle, who failed two polygraph tests during the investigation. Wegerle was never arrested, living instead under a cloud of suspicion for nearly 20 years, until BTK resurfaced and Dennis Rader was arrested for the murders.

Daniel Remeta’s Road of Destruction

In 1985 mass murderer Remeta and his companions killed their way through the South, and then descended on Grainfield, Kan., like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, leaving death, pain and misery in their wake.

The Bloody Benders: Horror in the Old West

A weary traveler in the desolate Old West is relieved to see an inn. He is invited in and the owner’s beautiful young daughter makes conversation with him as he relaxes. Suddenly, he’s hit on the head with a hammer and his body is dumped through a trap door. This is how the Benders–the quintessential demented family of murderers seen so often in horror movies–operated.