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Chronic Cat Hoarder Arrested Again

Delores Metcalf just can’t quit cats. The Kansas City woman has been arrested for a fourth time on charges related to hoarding felines.

Relax Everyone, Police Say Eyeballs Found at Kansas City Gas Station Aren’t Human

What a relief. Police in Kansas city say that the set of eyeballs found at a Conoco gas station earlier this week didn’t come out of a human face.

Eyeballs Found at Kansas City Gas Station

Not much is known about the eyeballs found on top of a trash can at a Kansas City gas station, besides that they’re, well, eyeballs found at a gas station.

Today in Crime History: The Kansas City Butcher is Born

January 31, 1949, saw the birth of Bob Berdella, who in four years of serial killing had tortured six men to death. In the end, he only served four years in prison before dying. Some have suggested that he was poisoned, and Berdella himself complained that he was not getting his heart medication, but for lack of any evidence, his cause of death is listed as natural causes.

VIDEO: Suspect in Botched Fast Food Robbery Turned in by Mom

A trio of youthful suspects were caught on surveillance video Sunday attempting to rob a Kansas City Church’s Chicken restaurant. The robbery didn’t work out–an employee snatched a handgun from one of the suspects and all three ran out of the store. After police released the video, asking the public for help in locating the would-be robbers, one woman recognized her own son.

VIDEO: Teen Punches Elderly Bus Driver For No Reason

Police in Kansas City, Mo., are searching for a teenager who was caught on surveillance video sucker punching an elderly bus driver for no clear reason. According to what Captain Steve Young of the Kansas City Police Department told the Huffington Post, the young man entered the bus October 1 without paying and punched the driver before getting off.

Reader Photo of the Day: Kansas City Massacre

Today’s reader photo comes to us from Todd in Kansas City. On the morning of June 17, 1933, the Union Station Railroad Depot in Kansas City, Mo., was the scene of a shootout that took the lives of five men.

Mother Charged With Starving 10-Year-Old, 32-Pound Daughter

Kansas City police responding to a neighbor’s tip say they discovered a 10-year-old girl in a closet Friday, covered in her own excrement.

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