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Trial to start for man beat down by Kai the hitchhiker

On Tuesday the trial of Jett Simmons McBride is set to begin in California. McBride is the man that allegedly tried to kill a road workers because he was black, according to witness Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, AKA “Kai the Hitchhiker.” Unfortunately for prosecutors, McGillvary will not be testifying in their case against McBride because he is in jail in New Jersey awaiting a murder trial of his own.

Kai ‘The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker’ Charged With Murder

Fans of Caleb Lawrence “Kai” McGillvary, the self-proclaimed “home-free” hitchhiker that became an Internet sensation after saving two people in Fresno, California, with his handy hatchet, from a giant racist are having trouble believing that the same heroic young man is now being charged in a New Jersey murder.

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