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Slideshow: K-9 cops, man’s best friend

They’re dedicated and committed, sometimes to a fault. Ten tales of crime fighting and the K-9 officer.

Oh, Florida. College football star charged for barking at a police dog.

Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested this week for barking at a police dog.

Mesa Man Strips, Sprays Self With Bug Spray to Throw off K-9

Some say there’s no way to throw off a well-trained tracking dog. Others point to wading in streams and using pepper spray. Whatever your preferred method of evading capture by police, we could all learn a lesson from the arrest of Raymond Collier, who tried to throw off a dog that wasn’t actually there.

Three K-9 Cops Left in the Lurch

As valuable a resource as K9 officers are at stopping crime, recent cases show that they still get left by their careless partners in hot cars to die during the summer months.

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