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Four Indian Bus Rapists Sentenced to Death

The overwhelming majority of Indians seem to feel that justice has been served, though it is not at all clear if and when the punishment will be meted out. For now Indian women are calling this a victory.

Shocking New Invention: Electric Underwear to Prevent Rape

In light of the infamous December 2012 bus gang rape and murder of student Jyoti Singh, 23, a group of enterprising engineering students in India was inspired to create what they hope will be a decisive deterrent to rape in their country for the future: Electrified lingerie.

VIDEO: Witness Account of Delhi Gang-Rape Victim’s Ordeal

Awindra Pandey, friend of New Delhi gang-rape victim Jyoti Singh, the student who died after being robbed, stripped, beaten, and brutally raped by 6 men on a Delhi bus, describes the crime and the aftermath when no one would help the bloodied couple as they lay in the road.

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