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Police: Bomber who forgot to set clock forward blew self up

Some residents in the Long Lane and South Inner City area in the Irish city of Dublin had their Sunday night interrupted by the frightening blast of a car bomb around 11 p.m., followed by the strange sight of the bomber “dripping in blood” from the blast of his own bomb, get into a cab and leave the scene.

Watch: Road-rage yields instant-karma response from universe

A Florida driver being harassed by an irate man in a truck decided to film the encounter with her phone. The video shows the other driver harassing her, giving her the finger, aggressively cutting her off — and spectacularly losing control of his vehicle.

Suicide bomber training ‘glitch’ kills instructor, 21 students, injures others

A secret suicide bombing how-to training class, instructed by an allegedly “experienced” operative, concluded when the class project unexpectedly exploded, killing bomber and students alike. Many hope that the fatal bug that blew up the would-be bombers, becomes a regular feature of all suicide bomber training seminars.

Man robs, stabs and then is cut in half by train as he flees

A man who had just robbed a house may have been trying to jump on a train when he fell into the wheels, which severed his body into two distinct pieces.

Accused Child Molester Attempts Suicide, Fails Cosmically

A Missouri man facing child molestation charges shot himself in the face and walked in front of a truck travelling at highway speeds — survived — and still had to face the music.

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