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Convicted Murderer Jon Venables Released From Prison, Again

Jon Venables convicted at age 10, of the 1993 murder of James Bulger, 2, in near Liverpool, England, has been released from prison yet again. Though he has received counseling over the years, many, including the victim’s parents, do not agree with the parole board’s controversial insistence on keeping Venables at large in the general population.

VIDEO: James Bulger — A Mother’s Story

In this documentary film, Denise Bulger relives the 1993 murder of her 2-year-old son James by two 1o-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. The young boy was abducted at a shopping mall by Thompson and Venables, who walked around with him for a while, then tortured and beat him to death.

Today in Crime History: The Murder of James Bulger

On February 12, 1993, James Bulger, 3, was abducted, tortured and killed by two 10-year-olds in a case that sparked international debate on child killers.

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