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Identifying Chicago’s Unclaimed Dead

The Office of the Medical Examiner maintains a list of all unidentified remains found in Chicago. Each entry for a John or Jane Doe lists a description of the person and their belongings and the location and date they were found. A few have pictures.

Key Unlocks Secret of Corpse Found in Suitcase

The alert in July 2011 by VHF radio couldn’t have been stranger: the skipper of a sailing yacht said he found a suitcase with human body parts hanging out of it, floating in the sea off of the coast of Lorient, France. Half-submerged, half-open, there was no doubt in the skipper’s mind that the suitcase contained a dead body.

Today in Crime History: Handsome Mystery Couple Found Murdered in South Carolina

On August 9, 1976, John and Jane Doe, two attractive, well-to-do young adults, were found murdered in a rural area in Sumter County, S.C. Who are these young people and why have they not been identified?

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