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Jessica Lunsford: Death of a 9-year-old

Jessica Lunsford was abducted from her home by repeat sex offender John Couey when she was nine. After her notably horrific murder, her father pursued legislation for stricter sex offender monitoring, resulting in the Jessica Lunsford Act. Jessica would be 17 today.

Slideshow: The Jessica Lunsford case

This charming Florida child was abducted from her home in February 2005 by drugged-out, repeat-sex-offender John Couey. A look back at the case in photos.

Slideshow: Jessica Lunsford Murder Trial

Jessica Lunsford was seen alive on February 24, 2005. Her abductor, John Couey, kept her over the weekend at his home where he raped and assaulted her repeatedly before thoughtlessly ending her life.

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