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Japanese horror story: The torture of Junko Furuta

Tokyo schoolgirl Junko Furuta was on her way home when a twisted teen gang abducted her and submitted her to 44 days of unimaginable torture.

Your Daily Creepout: Man cooked, served own genitals

In April 2012 an asexual artist, 22, served a meal comprised of his own sexual organs to a group of five who paid $250 each for the meal. Mao Sugiyama voluntarily had his genitals removed in March and stored them in his freezer before thawing them out, photographing and serving them.

Japanese Prison Wants to Change Their Image, Adopts Cute Mascot

Meant to be a welcoming face and a positive link between prisoners receiving rehabilitation in the prison and citizens in the community at large, this adorable mascot was introduced, and explained to the media and the public, at the prison’s annual fair on September 8, 2013.

Japanese Police Arrest Bicycle Seat Thief

Nope, it’s not a 1949 neo-realist film about an Italian bicycle thief, it’s a news item about a creepy guy from Japan, who just steals the seats — allegedly. This week police in Yokohama arrested a man who allegedly stole over 200 women’s bicycle seats because he likes the “scent of a woman.”

Today in Crime History: ‘Otaku Killer’ Tsutomu Miyazaki Kills his First Victim

Miyazaki killed four-year-old Mari Konno, on August 22, 1988, taking her into a park, photographing her, and strangling her. He would kill three more girls before being caught. This cannibalistic necrophile’s crimes were blamed on his unhealthy obsession with computers, animé, Japanese video games and slasher movies. A look at some other killers inspired by the movies.

Summer Fun: Japanese ‘Prison Cafeteria’ Food of Abashiri Prison

Prison food isn’t just for prisoners anymore, at least not in the cafeteria at the prison in Abashirishi, Japan, where anyone can go to experience reasonably-priced, authentic prison fare without the bother of first being convicted of something.

Teenager Chops Up and Dissects Mother Because He ‘Didn’t Like Her’

A Japanese newspaper has reported that a teenage son cut up his mother with a steak knife because, he reportedly said, he “didn’t like her.” He also told police that he cut up her body to learn about dissection, Japanese newspaper the Sankei reported.

Serial Killer Spotlight: Tsutomu Miyazaki, Otaku Killer

Driven into isolation by other children because of his deformed hands, this Japanese necrophile would eventually grow up to act out his vengeance on little girls, strangling them with his hands, drinking their blood, and in one case, eating his victims hands.

Japanese Man Who Cooked, Served Own Genitals to Diners Charged

Authorities have finally decided to charge x-gender artist Mao Sugiyama with indecent exposure for serving up his severed genitals to cannibalistic diners.

German Court Rules Circumcision a Crime, and Japanese Investigate Man Who Cooked, Served Own Genitals

Do parents in Germany have the right to have their children circumcised? Did Mao Sugiyama break any laws when he served up his genitalia for dinner? Is presentation really everything? An update on important penis-related legal questions of the day.

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