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Ivan Milat: Australia’s notorious backpacker killer

In the 1990s, the bodies of seven young backpackers were discovered in Belanglo State Forest, a 9,400-acre wood in New South Wales, Australia. The bodies, each riddled with stab wounds, had been posed face-down with loose hut-like structures of sticks constructed over them. The killings, which became known as the ‘backpacker murders,’ were discovered to be the work of Ivan Milat, an Australian man with a prior history of abduction and rape.

Could a Serial Killer’s Great-Nephew be Responsible for Unsolved Murder?

Police in Australia have not ruled out the possibility that an unidentified woman nicknamed “Angel,” whose remains were found in Belanglo State Forest two years ago, was the victim of Matthew Milat. Milat, 17, is the great-nephew of Ivan Milat, a convicted serial killer who killed seven young hikers in Belanglo forest in the 1990s. The younger Milat is himself a convicted killer — earlier this year he was sentenced to 43 years for murdering his friend David Auchterlonie with an axe in the same forest.

Serial Killer’s Great-Nephew to Appeal 43-Year Sentence for Axe Murder

The New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions announced today that it received a notice of intention stating that Matthew Milat and his co-defendant Cohen Klein will appeal their prison sentences for the axe murder of David Auchterlonie, 17. Last month, Milat,19, was was sentenced to 43 years with a non-parole period of 30 years and Klein, also 19, was sentenced to 32 years with a non-parole period of 22 years.

Murder Victim’s Mother Rejects Killer’s Apology

A letter written by 19-year-old convicted killer Matthew Milat was brought forth as evidence during his sentencing hearing in New South Wales, Australia. Milat and co-defendant Cohen Klein both pleaded guilty and were convicted last week of the brutal axe murder of their friend, David Auchterlonie.

Serial Killer’s Great Nephew Convicted in Axe Murder

Yesterday, Australian serial killer Ivan Milat’s great nephew, Matthew Milat, 18, was convicted of murdering one of his friends with an axe in Belanglo State Forest, the same place where his great uncle had killer his victims.

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