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Inmate video: Happy ‘inside’

It seems that inmates and guards in prison in Sicily have, with the warden’s blessing, posted a video to show how happy they are, even in prison. The video shows them dancing and singing during daily tasks and recreation. The introductory message begins with a quote from Pharrell William’s Happpy, ”It’s the story of a dream – to try to be carefree – even behind bars.”

Surveillance footage casts doubt on Amanda Knox’s alibi

An Italian news show’s exposé of a woman’s image in a surveillance video would cast doubt on the alibi of Amanda Knox on the night of her roommate’s murder. If she is lying, then why?

Italian judges: Amanda Knox delivered the killing blow to Meredith Kercher

Not that she was unlucky enough to be there, not that she was merely an accessory, the judges believe that of the three accomplices, Knox, Sollecito and Guede, Amanda Knox is the one who killed Meredith Kercher, and that it wasn’t an accident.

Cleaning woman mistakes art exhibit for trash, throws it out

Organizers for an art show that opened today in Bari, Italy, are mourning the destruction of two pieces of art after a well-intentioned cleaning woman threw them out thinking they were trash left over by those who set up the show. One of the exhibits consisted of cookie crumbs scattered on the floor.

Drug dealer begs for prison to escape nagging wife

We don’t know how long he held up, but the unnamed man decided he couldn’t bear being confined with his loving wife one moment longer.

Woman who kissed riot cop in protest investigated for sexual assault

From our friends at The Daily Dot: Both parties involved agree that it was an act of aggression.

Romanian Teen’s Necrophile Killer May be Serial Killer

Newly discovered videos lead investigators to believe that what they thought was probably a sex romp gone horribly wrong, may have actually been premeditated murder by an opportunistic necrophile, a that they now suspect may be a serial killer.

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito Face Relationship Difficulties

Raffaele Sollecito talked to a British TV morning talk show last week and said the two “are in touch” and that the two are “friends.” But they may not be able to see each other ever again.

The Prison Diary of Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox wisely decided not to return to Italy for trial after an Italian court overturned her not guilty verdict. Her reason? Possibly fear of the unlikely, but unsettling, prospect of going back to prison. The last time she was in an Italian prison they held onto her for four years. While incarcerated Knox kept the diary, seen here.

Italian Facebook Prankster Forced to Eat Actual Poop

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Italian kids are giving new meaning to the phrase “eat sh** and die.” One such adolescent is currently under investigation at his Treviso boarding school for locking a former friend into a bathroom and forcing him to eat human waste and lick the bowl of a dirty porcelain toilet.

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