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Turkey: Israeli Bird Cleared of Spying Allegations and Released

Authorities in Turkey have officially cleared a bird that they had detained amidst allegations that the little guy was spying for Israel. Strangely, this is not the first time they have examined a bird that they suspected of spying for the Israelis. As far as is known, no bats or large flying insects have yet been detained as spies.

Man Attacked by Toilet Snake in Parents’ Home, Penis Bitten

Last week we brought you the story of a man in London, England, who was attacked by a fox in his home while sitting on the toilet. Today we present the story of an Israeli man who was unlucky enough to have to use his parent’s toilet during “snake season,” though he escaped with his life.

VIDEO: Phantom Handicap Parking Spot Appears in Tel Aviv

Hila Ben Baruch of Tel Aviv, Israel, was ordered to pay $265 of towing fees and fines for parking in a handicap parking spot — except that she was sure that the spot near her home wasn’t a handicap spot when she parked there. She was right.

Turkish Authorities Analyze Body of What They Believe to Be an Israeli Spy Bird with Nostril Cam

Authorities in Turkey are examining the remains of a bird, specifically a European Bee-Eater, or Merops Apiaster, that was found dead by a farmer in Gaziantep, Turkey, and was reported. The tiny remains were turned over to authorities after the farmer indicted the band on the bird’s leg that was etched with a serial number and the word “Israel.”

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