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VIDEO: The interrogation of Michael Rafferty

In May, 2009, police in Ontario charged Michael Rafferty, 28, with the abduction and murder of third-grader Tori Stafford. It would be July until investigators located the 8-year-old’s body, naked from the waist down, about 500 meters away from a rural road near Mount Forest, Ontario. An autopsy determined that she had been beaten to death with a claw hammer.

VIDEO: The Interrogation of Brandon Teena

Nebraska trangender man Brandon Teena (born Teena Brandon) was raped by John Lotter and Tom Nissen in 1993. When he went to report the rape to police, he was met by intense grilling from Sheriff Charles Laux, who refused to prosecute the men due to lack of evidence despite Teena’s testimony. Several days later, Teena was murdered, along with two others, by Nissen and Lotter.

VIDEO: The Cop-on-Cop Interrogation of Stephanie Lazarus

If you’ve got an hour to watch (or even just listen to) someone’s life fall apart, this video is for you. In 1986, Stephanie Lazarus, a rookie LAPD patrol officer, brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend’s new wife, Sherri Rae Rasmussen. She’d gotten away with it, until 2009, when she was questioned–and later arrested–by her brothers in blue.

VIDEO: Terri-Lynne McClintic’s Confession

In May, 2009, police in Ontario charged Michael Rafferty, 28, with the abduction and murder of third-grader Tori Stafford. Also charged in the case was Rafferty’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Terri Lynne McClintic. In a taped confession shown to jurors at her trial, McClintic weeps and confesses, still believing that if she rats out Rafferty, she’ll be OK.

VIDEO: Robert Pickton’s Jail Cell Confession

After his 2002 arrest, Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton spoke to a cell mate about the “old carcasses” found on his property. The cell mate was actually an undercover cop and Pickton’s jailhouse revelations played an important role in 2007 his conviction in the murders of six women.

VIDEO: The Kinky Colonel’s Confession

On February 7, 2010, Russell Williams, a high-ranking and medal studded member of the Canadian Forces, was ushered into a police interrogation room. Chiseled and confident, Williams was at first jovial, making small talk with the Detective Sargeant Jim Smyth. But it quickly becomes clear that Williams isn’t there to pal around with fellow men of service.

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