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Slideshow: Trapped by technology

In today’s high-tech world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get away with crime.

Slideshow: Caught on the web

Oversharing perps whose online activities had them checking in at the precinct.

FBI Shuts Down Drug Web Site, Nabs Boss in the Library

The “Dark Web” secret web site Silk Road, used by millions of people to illegally obtain mostly drugs, has been shut down by the Feds. The operator is in custody and facing charges in a NY Federal court.

How Much Can You Get For a Kidney These Days?

About $650 in Kenya and ten grand in Pakistan, if you’re selling your own. In any country, you’re better off being a kidney middleman: the average paid by a kidney buyer around the world is $150,000 while the average paid to the person selling a kidney is only $5,000.

What to do if Your Friend Confesses Murder on Facebook

What should you do if your friend on Facebook posts a horrifying confession? Today we found a guide of Do’s and Don’ts if that should happen.

Police Warn of Apple Maps’ ‘Life-Threatening’ Glitch

It seems that Apple phones have switched from Google Maps to Apple Maps, with some embarrassing, and "life-threatening" consequences. Australian police have confirmed that the Apple maps software when used with iOS 6 shows Mildura, a city of 30,000, in the middle of Murray-Sunset National Park — about 44 miles off the mark and in the Australian bush.

Teen Suicide and Social Media

In the pre-internet era, news of teenage indiscretions might travel around the high school hallways. Now they are broadcast to the world. Too often, the cyber-bullying of vulnerable teenage girls leads to self-mutiliation or even suicide. Two teenaged girls recently killed themselves after posting heart-wrenching messages on social media. On the flip side, another teen might have been saved by the online activist group Anonymous, who stepped in to defend a 15 year-old girl from cyber-bullies and trolls.

Update: Accused Murderer Who Googled How to Kill Before Murder Indicted

Juliana Mensch, 19, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was, according to police, strangled to death early on March 24, 2012, by friends James Ayers and his girlfriend Nicole Okrzesik, while she slept on the floor of Ayers rental apartment. Ayers allegedly confessed the murder to a friend, saying he strangled Mensch after Okrzesik unsuccessfully tried to break her neck.

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