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Selfie-obsessed soldier betrays Russia by posting locations on Instagram

One Russian soldier’s Instagrammed selfies may be all the evidence the world needs to see to know that Russia is supporting rebels in Ukraine

The crazy stuff the TSA finds is now on Instagram

The TSA has a pretty wonderful Instagram account going on. It shows all the bizarre things they’ve confiscated form passengers trying to get on flights.

Incriminating ‘selfies’ help collar not-so-smart catburglar

Florida man Depree Johnson, convicted felon and alleged jewel thief, got himself collared when he posted a bunch of photos of himself on Instagram posing with cash, guns, and stolen jewelry. Though he may not have the best temperament for a thief, Johnson may have a future in photography.

Instagram Photo Calls for Death of Two NYPD Cops in Teen’s Killing

On March 9, NYPD Officer Jovaniel Cordova and Sgt. Mourad Mourad, both in plainclothes, shot and killed 16-year old Kimani Gray outside his best friend’s birthday party in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. His killing has caused outrage in his neighborhood, and an Instagram user has gone as far as to demand the deaths of the two policemen responsible.

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