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Slideshow: Great escapes and manhunts

From the "Great Escape" to the not-so-great "Toilet Escape", these are the most amazing jailbreaks both recent and historic, as well as massive police searches and manhunts.

Last words from death row

Some have lots to say, others are silent. Some ask forgiveness, while others proclaim their innocence, or confess their guilt. Last night in Georgia, Marcus Wellons asked for forgiveness from the victim’s family and said, “I’m going home to be with Jesus”. In Missouri, John Winfield said nothing. A look at the last words of death row inmates.

15 things you never knew about prison

There are plenty of myths about prisons and prison life, fueled by television shows such as Orange is the New Black and Oz. But what’s it really like behind bars?

Slideshow: Prison personals

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Crime Library profiles the standout members of the lockup lonely hearts club.

The non-electric chair of death

Billed by manufacturers as a humane tool for immobilizing inmates, detainees or patients, who are a danger to themselves and others, the reality of the restraining chair may be, simply put, that it is a great way to hold someone still so you can abuse, torture, or simply ignore them. A look at some controversial cases of improper use, misuse and abuse of what is being called the ‘Devil’s Chair.’

Five Inmates on Suicide Watch Who Killed Themselves Anyway

When jail authorities believe an inmate is a danger to him or herself, the inmate is placed on suicide watch. Clothing that could be used as a noose is replaced with a paper smock, and guards frequently check in on the inmate. Despite these precautions, inmates intent on ending their lives often manage to succeed.

Inmate Bites Off Guard’s Ear During Cell Search

In an attack that is all too grim a reminder of the dangers associated with working as a prison guard, Bobby Ruiz, an inmate in the Maricopa County’s Lower Buckeye Jail, bit a female guard’s ear clean off in an attack last week.

Disciplinary ‘Nutraloaf,’ Cruel and Unusual, or Just Gross?

Ever wonder what the bad inmates eat in prison? Many prisons in the U.S. use a food called Nutraloaf, Nutri-Loaf, prison loaf, disciplinary loaf, confinement loaf, special management meal, or just: The Loaf. It seems that this punishment food is essentially as healthy as it is unpalatable, tasting so bad that some call its use cruel and unusual.

Summer Fun: Luncheon at the Prison Served by Inmates

The Northwest Correctional Center in Concord, Mass., offers each day at its restaurant the Fife and Drum a generous lunch, but unlike Prison Cafeteria in Japan’s Abashiri Prison, which serves to the public the same food that the inmates eat, the Fife and Drum offers down-home American fare, prepared and served by actual inmates.

Serial Killer Files Suit: Death Row Too Hot

Three death row inmates are suing the Louisiana Department of Corrections, the Corrections Secretary and two prison wardens over what they call the “appalling and extreme” heat on the death row of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as Angola. The suit contends that authorities have not met the requirement to treat death row inmates humanely.

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