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Slideshow: Great escapes and manhunts

From the "Great Escape" to the not-so-great "Toilet Escape", these are the most amazing jailbreaks both recent and historic, as well as massive police searches and manhunts.

Convict sues for good food, soft beds and ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit issue

Convicted double murderer, Johan Gillette of Eugene, Oregon, was extremely dissatisfied with the conditions in the Lane County jail. After beating his father and father’s girlfriend to death with a wrench for evicting him, Gillette spend 19 months there, during which time he claims to have been denied certain essential creature comforts.

Slideshow: Prisoners’ dilemma

Imprisonment may stop the criminal from threatening society, but it doesn’t stop the criminal. A look at some crimes that occurred behind the barbed-wire fences of the Big House.

Prison inmate breaks out to escape incessant rap music

Yes, rap music played constantly, not to torture prison inmates, but for their enjoyment. Add to that some quality mind-altering substances, and you have quite the non-stop party … but not for Robert Stevens.

Wedding bells for Charles Manson?

Even behind bars Charles Manson continues to attract followers. One 25-year-old doesn’t just believe in Manson’s innocence — she believes he’s husband material.

Drug dealer begs for prison to escape nagging wife

We don’t know how long he held up, but the unnamed man decided he couldn’t bear being confined with his loving wife one moment longer.

RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan moved on 50th annivesary of JFK death

50 years to the day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the man who killed the President’s younger brother Robert Kennedy made the news.

New trend? Inmate’s request to stay in prison after sentence was granted

You’d think, given the number of people trying to break out of prison, avoid convictions that could lead to prison, and in general express their unhappiness about being in prison, that prison is a pretty lousy place to be. One New Mexico inmate, however, who was about to be released, asked to stay.

Inmate’s 328th Lawsuit: Bad Prison Food Gave Him Tummy Ache

Prison inmate Dale Maisano, 61, currently serving year seven of a 15-year sentence in Arizona’s State Prison Complex in Tucson, has filed suit against the State of Arizona in federal court — again. This is reportedly the 368th suit he has filed against officials and entities of the state government since 1991.

Charles Manson’s Cellphone Troubles

Charles Manson wants to reach out and touch people … from prison. The 78-year-old cult leader has been busted with cell phones in his prison cell twice already. This week, a Manson devotee was arrested for trying to smuggle another yet another phone to Manson behind bars.

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