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Six Creepy Dudes Arrested in Park Pervert Roundup

Police in Clark County, Indiana, are really cracking down on woodland creepers. This month, six men have been arrested on suspicion of soliciting sexual favors in the county’s parks.

Former Youngest Death Row Inmate Freed

At 16 years old, Paula Cooper became the youngest person on death row in America. She, along with three other teenage girls, was convicted of killing 78-year-old bible study teacher Ruth Pelke in 1985.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: April Marie Tinsley

April Marie Tinsley was 8 years old on Good Friday in 1988 when she was abducted while walking home from a friend’s house in Fort Wayne, Ind. Three days later, her body was found some 20 miles away, in an area of farmland. Mysterious notes found in 1990 and 2004 have given police more information, but Tinsley’s killer has not been found.

Today in Crime History: Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies Convene to Discuss Series of Highway Murders

On May 15, 1983, Indiana law enforcement agencies gathered to discuss the recent highway murders. Larry Eyler, 31 years-old at the time, was named the highway murderer in the coming days.

Prosecutor: An ‘Unprecedented’ Case of Animal Death and Cruelty

Authorities in Madison County are faced with what is being described as an “unprecedented” case of animal death and animal cruelty discovered on a rural farm some 68 miles outside Indianapolis.

Woman Charged With Murder for Eating Rat Poison While Pregnant

Are pregnant women bound by stricter laws than everyone else? That’s the question at the core of a high-profile case in Indiana, where 36-year-old Bei Bei Shuai is charged with murder for allegedly consuming rat poison while pregnant.

Court Reverses Murder Conviction of Pre-Teen Boy Tried as Adult

Paul Gingerich was 12 years old when he and his friend shot and killed a man. Gingerich was initially charged with murder but pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The conviction has been reversed and Gingerich, believed to be the youngest person in Indiana to be sentenced as an adult, will now go back to juvenile court.

Alleged Dealer High on Drugs Makes an Ass of Himself, Gets Arrested

Refreshingly, he was not under the influence of any of those new-fangled drugs like Spice and Bath Salts that have come to be associated with zombie-like violence and cannibalism. This man was high on good old fashioned LSD and was experiencing some of the more amusing types of side effects associated with the drug’s use.

Today in Crime History: Laurie Tackett is Born

Laurie Tackett was born into a fundamentalist Christian home on October 5, 1974. As a teenager, Laurie became rebellious and at odds with her family. Then, along with three other teenage girls, Laurie abducted, tortured and burned to death 12-year-old Shanda Sharer. All four were tried as adults, two of them have been released.

Louisiana Convicts Required to Reveal Sex Offender Status on Facebook

Starting on August 1, sex offenders in Louisiana will be required to identify themselves as such on Facebook and other social networking sites. The first of its kind in the country, the new law adds to the existing requirements for sex offenders to check in with police and inform neighbors and schools of their presence in the area.