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Video: Cop pushes suspect in wheelchair

Police have released dash cam video of an October 1, 2013, arrest in Lafayette, Indiana, in which the former Lt. Tom Davidson, now demoted to officer and given 30 days suspension without pay, is shown knocking down a wheelchair-bound man before arresting him for running over his foot.

Video: Guy leads police on two-hour, low-speed chase in tractor

After two hours of chasing Dustin D. Clouse from Decatur, Inidana, to Ohio Monday evening at a grueling 18 miles per hour, police are probably hoping that no one else gets the idea to flee on a tractor anytime soon. Officers responding to a vandalism call found Clouse at the scene. He reportedly jumped on [...]

No prison for man who for three years ruphied wife and videotaped raping her

On May 10, 2011, Mandy Boardman, 36, walked into the Indianapolis police department with a complaint about her married sex life that went from creepy to downright disturbing: her husband had been drugging and raping her for years — and had it all on videotape.

Today in Crime History: Belle Gunness officially pronounced dead

On May 12, 1908, this black widow, believed to have killed between 35 and 40 men, women and children, was officially pronounced dead. Thought to have faked her death, she became a legend, with sightings of her persisting until 1931. In fact, the body buried as Bell Gunness has not yet been conclusively identified.

Alleged drunk driver was passed out at wheel wearing pants as shirt

There are many excellent reasons not to drive while under the influence, but being the half naked, passed-out-drunk guy wearing his pants as a straightjacket has got to be among the top 10.

Today in Crime History: Shanda Sharer’s killers are charged

On March 15, 1992, four teenage girls were charged with the brutal, sadistic murder of Sharer, 12, in a bizarre case of sexual obsession and domination.

Deadly delivery, the murders of Donald and Marsha Levine

When Donald and Marsha Levine were found murdered in their mansion, it looked like a robbery gone wrong, except that their son was left alive, and he blamed their deaths on his uncle. Skeletons in the family’s closet indicated a murder for hire. On March 11, 1991, the hitman took a deal and testified against his accomplice.

Woman to man: ‘Choose your life or your penis.’

An Indiana woman faces charges after she held a man captive for hours and cut his penis with a box-cutter.

Shocking gimmick: Police chief to be tased for $$

Knightstown police Chief Danny Baker needs a new squad car, which might not be a tall order for a big-town police station, but for a town with a population of just over 2,000, the remaining $9,000 necessary to get the cruiser isn’t a shoe-in. So to get donations, the chief has decided to submit to a public tasing.

Today in Crime History: Farmer Finds Remains of Another Highway Killer Victim

On October 15, 1983, a farmer’s plow turned up skeletal remains of an unidentified murder victim in Jasper County, Indiana, southwest of Rensseler. The bones were notched by knife wounds, indicating death by stabbing. The third victim of the Highway Killer found that month. A few days later mushroom gatherers would stumble across his private graveyard.

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