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Driver who exposed himself was suffering after effects of ‘manzilian’ wax job

Yes, the man allegedly told officers that the skin around his genitals was so itchy and irritated after a Brazilian wax job that he had to take his pants off to drive.

Naked Florida man spotted in Walgreen’s restroom by girl, 6

The little girl’s father waited for her to go to the bathroom, but rushed in when he heard her screaming. The naked man she had seen pushed her aside as the concerned father entered and rescued his daughter. So what was said naked guy doing in the women’s bathroom? Knocking boots with his girlfriend, of course.

Police: Substitute teacher caught flat on his back masturbating in hallway

A substitute teacher in Stamford, Connecticut, is on suicide watch after getting arrested February 26, 2014, for masturbating in a high-school corridor, while “watching” the children.

Man allegedly ran through Bingo hall, pants down, yelling ‘Bingo!’

Deharra Waters was arrested after allegedly running though a hall full of serious Bingo players, with his pants down yelling “Bingo!” and rattling patrons and employees alike. We don’t know if the players were rattled because of Waters’ behavior, because they thought they lost, or because he tricked them into thinking that they lost.

Naked driver was masturbating while texting

Back in August police in Chester, England, arrested Neal Marshall, 49, after a truck driver reported him driving his Ford Escort naked down the M56 while masturbating. His lawyer says he was texting and got “carried away.”

Florida man arrested for ‘airing out’ penis, ‘fluffing’ it in front of Goodwill store

William Gibson, 55, is facing charges of lewd and lascivious exhibition in the presence of the elderly after allegedly exposing himself in front of a Goodwill store in a strip mall, and allegedly doing all manner of inappropriate things with his genitalia in public.

Guy Who Had Sex With Pool Float Cops a Plea

Edwin Tobergta of Hamilton, Ohio, was arrested in June 2013, again, for having sex in public with an inflatable rubber pool floatie. Some of you may remember him from The Fetish Files for his 2011 arrest for the same offense; same guy, same fetish, same float.

Police: Florida Man Waved his Private Parts at Neighbor

Some people wag their fingers when making a point in an argument, others, like John Solomayar of Fort Pearce, Florida, it seems may wag their penis to punctuate an argument, according to police anyway.

Performance Artist Arrested in France for Doing Dance with Chicken Tied to his Penis at the Eiffel Tower

South African performance artist Steven Cohen seems to be living in Paris, France, these days and is feeling pulled between the two countries, according to his lawyer, so he decided to put on a performance at the Eiffel Tower to evoke his crisis. The performance instead seems to have evoked calling the police and getting Cohen hauled out of there.

Six Creepy Dudes Arrested in Park Pervert Roundup

Police in Clark County, Indiana, are really cracking down on woodland creepers. This month, six men have been arrested on suspicion of soliciting sexual favors in the county’s parks.

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