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Sante and Kenneth Kimes: Mother/son lives of crime

Sante was a grifter and a hooker when she met her third husband, millionaire Kenneth Kimes. With her son and lover Kenneth Jr., she graduated to a whole new level of crime — murder.

Divorce by murder: The case of Richard and Nancy Lyon

On May 16, 1990, Richard Lyon was arrested for the murder of his rich wife, Nancy. The high-profile trial that followed of philandering husband Richard exposed the wealthy family’s deepest secrets of incest, adultery, murder and fraud to a scandal-hungry public.

Today in Crime History: The Wesson family massacre

On March 12, 2004, after years of abuse, incest and brainwashing, the grotesque family empire of Marcus Wesson came to a tragic end. As police surrounded the house where the Wesson family lived, shots rang out. In the end, the bodies of nine Wesson children–each shot through the eye–were found in a room furnished with antique coffins.

Andras Pandy, ‘Devil’s Pastor’ of Belgium dies at 86

Andras Pandy, aka the Devil’s Pastor, died in prison on December 23, 2013. A Hungarian-born former preacher, Pandy was serving a life sentence in Bruges, Belgium for rape, incest and multiple murders.

French girl saves herself, films father’s sex abuse

A girl, 14, in Florensac, France, was reportedly being sexually abused by her father over the course of many months, with no help from the system in sight. But not unlike film heroine The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the smart kid eventually put a stop to the abuse by filming it with her web cam.

The Saga of Mother & Son Crime Team Sante and Kenneth Kimes

Mother Sante and son Kenny were con artists, murderers — and lovers. Adrian Havill, author of the definitive book on the case, writes up the highlights of their audacious criminal career.

Woman Sent to Prison for Raping Own Son

In a Luzerne County, Pa., courtroom, a 14-year-old boy described how the first time he was forced to have sex with his mother, it was on his eighth birthday. His father, Robert Caravella, who had been showing him porn for a while, brought him upstairs and made him perform intercourse on his mother, Carol Hann.

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