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Today in Crime History: The Body of Andrew Urdiales’ Eighth Victim is Found in Wolf Lake

On August 2, 1996, the nude body of serial killer Andrew Urdiales’ eight known murder victim, prostitute Lynn Huber, was found floating in Wolf Lake, Cook County, Illinois. As with most of his victims, Urdiales had left no clothing or identification near the murder scene.

Prosecutors: Man Murdered Wife Who Refused him One Last Night of Passion

Kurtis Worley of Addison, Illinois, is under arrest and is currently being held on $3 million bond after prosecutors filed charges that he killed his wife on Friday, when she refused to have sex with him one last time after announcing her plans to divorce.

Identifying Chicago’s Unclaimed Dead

The Office of the Medical Examiner maintains a list of all unidentified remains found in Chicago. Each entry for a John or Jane Doe lists a description of the person and their belongings and the location and date they were found. A few have pictures.

Fetishes Unhinged: Obscene Phone Calls, Peacocks and Poop

Today we proudly present our first edition of Fetishes Unhinged, which we warn, given the nature of crime, may become a regular feature. Meet David Beckmann and Thomas Mettham, peacock and poop fetishists respectively.

‘My Drunk Son Has Fallen on Me, and I Can’t Get Up!’

An 81-year-old Riverside, Illinois, mother could have really used some sort of medical alert bracelet or necklace on March 9, 2013, when her drunken son, Robert Golba, 55, fell on her during an argument, and passed out.

Man Allegedly Planned to Kill a Lawyer and Frame the Cat

Cat lovers around the globe are thankful to Illinois authorities, who may just have prevented the perfect murder, saved the life of a presumed-innocent feline and convicted a budding criminal mastermind in the process.

Baby Crystal’s Mother Sentenced for her Murder

Katie Stockton, 32, was sentenced in a Winnebago County courtroom on April 5, 2013, for the murder of Baby Crystal. The newborn remained unidentified for years after her mother left her on December 17, 2004, to suffocate and freeze to death in a wooded area along a road just 90 yards from the family home.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Leaving her Exposed Baby to Die

Sadly while investigating this death, police found two more sets of infant remains in the trunk of Stockton’s impounded vehicle, so this is probably not the last we have heard on Ms. Stockton.

Woman Told Cops her Child was in Stolen Car — She Lied

Chicago woman Jeanette Holt allegedly called 911 to report her vehicle stolen with her one-year-old son inside so that her case would immediate action. Police quickly found the empty car and figured out Holt’s alleged ruse. They were not amused.

Masked, Cuffed Illinois Priest’s 911 Call Goes Viral

A 911 call made on November 28, 2012, by Father Tom Donovan of Springfield, Ill., pastor of St. Aloysius Church, has gone viral. The gagged, masked priest called 911 from inside the church saying that he needed help getting out of a pair of handcuffs, "before this becomes a medical emergency."

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