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Boy’s 9th birthday ruined when police officer shoots dog (with video)

A Filer, Idaho, police officer responding to a call shot a 7-year-old black Labrador Retriever in the front yard of its owner, who was celebrating his 9-year-old son’s birthday. Officer Tarek Hassani’s dashcam video shows the shooting. Hassani then has a heated exchange with the dog’s owner, Rick Clubb, in which he explains that he has been [...]

Former sex slaves: Where are they now?

An update on former sex slaves Natascha Kampusch, Shasta Groene and Elizabeth Fritzl, who all surfaced in the news recently.

Self-Described ‘Furry’ Arrested for Cat Sex

Idaho man Ryan Tannenholz, a self-described “furry,” has been arrested on charges that he sexually penetrated a cat on several occasions between January 2012 and January 2013. Thankfully details released in the case are scant.

Hannah Anderson Rescued in Idaho Wilderness

A sharp-eyed retired sheriff’s instincts led to the rescue of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson over the weekend. After coming across her and James Lee DiMaggio on a back-country trail in the Idaho wilderness, 71-year-old  Mark John and his three horse-riding buddies thought something just didn’t seem right. The pair didn’t engage like most do along the hike and [...]

Inmates Sue Alcohol Makers for Their Lives of Crime for $1 Billion

In early January five Idaho prison inmates brought suit against several beer and alcohol makers claiming that they are addicted to alcohol, and that had beer and alcohol containers been properly labeled with an addiction warning, they would not have committed the crimes that got them tossed into prison in the first place.

Is Convicted Parent Killer Sarah Johnson Innocent?

Sarah Johnson was 18 years old when she was sentenced to two life terms for the murder of her parents in their Bellevue, Idaho, home. Diane and Alan Johnson were found dead from gunshot wounds on Sept. 2, 2003; Diane still in bed, and Alan on the floor, his hair wet from the shower. Now, a team of attorneys say she is innocent, and that DNA evidence found at the scene could prove it.

Former Sex Slaves, Where Are They Now?

An update on former sex slaves Natascha Kampusch, Shasta Groene and Elizabeth Fritzl, who all surfaced in the news recently.

‘Menace to Society’ Sentenced to Life After 14th DUI

Terry Ash, 55, of Boise, Idaho, has been convicted of DUI 14 times in the last 32 years. On October 16 Ada County Judge Patrick Owen, told Ash he was a "menace to society," and that to protect the pubic he was sentencing him to life in prison. There are worse offenders out there, and the sentences vary dramatically.

Bedtime Reading: Michael Mullen

Incensed by the horrific crimes of killer pedophile Joseph Edward Duncan III, Mullen, posing as an FBI agent, entered the home of three registered sex offenders and took his revenge.

Five Wives Vodka to be Available in Idaho After All

Update: Idaho has reversed its ban on Five Wives vodka to avoid “unnecessary litigation.” Last month the Idaho Attorney General and the state’s liquor division banned the sale of Ogden’s Own Five Wives Vodka calling it “offensive to a prominent segment of our population.”

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