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Man huffing gas and smoking blew up shed, beard: Arson or stupidity?

A neighbor said she heard an explosion, ran outside and found a disheveled man with blistered feet sitting on her patio. His beard was completely “burned off,” though chunks of its smoldering remains still clung to his shirt. He demanded food. Now a court will have to decide if he was reckless or just incredibly stupid.

Slideshow: Seven scary facts about huffing paint

Readily available and easy to use, aerosol inhalants are the go-to choice for many looking for a quick high. Here are some side effects of huffing that are more serious than the obvious social stigma of having face full of paint like the Tin Woodsman from The Wizard of Oz.

Slideshow: Anything for a buzz

From vodka-soaked tampons to hand sanitizer, some teens will go to any lengths to get inebriated.

Stores pull aerosol deodorants in response to child huffing spree

It’s not just a teen dusting trend, it’s also a tween dusting trend that seems to have popped up out of nowhere two weeks ago and now has authorities pulling aerosol deodorant off the shelves.

Police: Mom huffing ‘whippets’ passed out with baby in car

Sarasota, Florida, mom Jennifer Ann Lee, 29, is facing charges of child neglect after police reportedly found her with several spent nitrous oxide cartridges in, around and under her in the car, and her son, 1, asleep in the back seat.

Death of an Aerosol Huffer

Denise Marten seemed to be healthy and happy until a huffing addiction spiraled out of control taking her on a ride that ultimately cost her life. takes a look into the life and tragic death of a mom who became addicted to inhaling keyboard cleaner.

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