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Woman Charged With Murder for Allegedly Stabbing Boyfriend With Shoe

An alleged bout of shoe mania over the weekend led to the death of a college professor and the arrest of his girlfriend. Anna Trujillo, 44, faces a murder charge after police say she stabbed her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson, 59, to death with a stiletto heel.

Kids Found Alone With Mom’s Body, Boyfriend Charged

A Houston man is charged with murder and abandonment for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend Cecilia Sanders, 27, to death and leaving her two young daughters alone with her body. Sanders’ mother, worried after not hearing from her daughter all of Sunday, went to visit her Yale Street home. There, she found Sanders’ body next to a crib where 7-month-old Khya lay unharmed. Kymora, 3, was crying in a closet.

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