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Police: Guy on a horse gets lost with someone’s kid, drunkenly rides around trying to return him

Let’s think back to a simpler time. A man on a horse with a lost child gallops, seeking nothing but the child’s return to his worried and grateful parents. Well, in this danger-wary world things like that can’t happen anymore. Just ask Dennis Byers, whose allegedly tipsy act of equestrian good will ended in arrest and charges.

Chase on Horseback Ends in Commotion, Arrest

You know the image of the valiant horseman, triumphantly galloping off into the sunset on his trusty steed, a damsel, no longer in distress, perched daintily behind him? Well, you’re not going to find that in Bunnell, Fla. Instead, there’s Charles Larkin Cowart, 29, who allegedly led police on a drunken half-hour chase on horseback.

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