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The deadly history of dueling

An examination of the history of dueling — a primarily, perhaps almost exclusively, male activity in every culture in which it has existed — the rules, the forms, historic duels and famous winners and losers.

Slideshow: Honor crime

Honor killings and attacks — a domestic crime that stems from the ancient notion that only blood can cleanse a family’s honor.

Turkish Woman Awaits Trial in Honor Killing

Turkish woman Nevin Yildirim, 26, is waiting for trial for murdering and beheading a man she says sexually assaulted her many times over the course of months, impregnated her, and threatened to publicly shame her.

Man Beheads Daughter for ‘Indecent Behavior’

A Dengar Ka Guda man from India’s the northern province of Rajasthan took police by surprise on June 12, 2012, when he entered the station carrying his daughter’s severed head, which he had paraded through the streets.

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