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Maury County Jane Doe unidentified for nearly 40 years

Authorities in Maury County, Tennessee, are still trying to identify the remains of a Jane Doe found by hunters on February 14, 1975. Police think she was killed in the fall of 1974, and dumped about 2 miles from Highway 99 and Joe Brown Road. They have never gotten any leads in the case.

The Missing, Now Found: JoAnn Nichols and Dylan Redwine

The remains of two missing persons were found this week. JoAnn Nichols has been missing since 1985 and Dylan Redwine since November 2012. Both cases are being investigated as homicides.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: The Orange County Jane Doe

On August 30, 1987, the decomposed remains of a teen were discovered in Orange County’s Anaheim, California. An autopsy of the young woman’s remains did not reveal cause of death, but did reveal defects in two ribs, consistent with penetrating stab wounds. Her death was ruled a homicide.

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