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Daughter lived with mother’s corpse for three years

A Brooklyn hoarder lived her mother’s corpse for two or three years. But she made the best of them.

Reported house explosion was just a messy front lawn

Well, maybe it could be called an explosion, but there were no explosives involved. It seems that a hoarder’s stuff “exploded” out of his house and onto the front lawn in such a way that a passerby thought the house had literally blown up.

Chronic Cat Hoarder Arrested Again

Delores Metcalf just can’t quit cats. The Kansas City woman has been arrested for a fourth time on charges related to hoarding felines.

Hoarder Pinned For Days in His Home May Lose a Foot

City officials were aware, but say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and "We wouldn’t want to take something valuable that is important to them. "

Dismembered Man Found in Freezer May Have Been Killed by Roomate

Aloha, Oregon, man Phillip Lindemuth, 43, was found dead and dismembered in his garage freezer on May 18, 2012. Police obtained a warrant to search the premises after Lindemuth was reported missing two days earlier. Lindemuth had been dismembered using various knives and saws, the medical examiner told, but he reportedly died from multiple stab wounds.

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