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North Carolina state police in search of this car and this guy

What is actually happening in this cell-phone video taken Saturday afternoon on I-77 in Charlotte is unclear. All witnesses know is that this car appeared on the highway, driving fast, with the man shown hanging off the back. He then punched his way through the back window and got in the car with the woman [...]

Video: Why jaywalking is a bad idea

As a jaywalker you are bound eventually to make a potentially fatal mistake, and often enough, after they run you over, the drivers don’t stop. Monday, the Santa Anna, California, girl, 14, shown in this graphic and disturbing video, dashed out into the crosswalk against the light and was hit by not just one, but two vehicles.

Cyclist lodged in windshield could not get driver’s attention

A driver in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, was distracted enough that he not only hit a bicycle rider and kept going, but he failed to notice the man, whose torso was mostly through the broken passenger-side windshield, until after he parked the car.

19-year-old who ran over and killed 2 girls in leaf pile convicted

An Oregon teen driving with her boyfriend and brother blew through a pile of leaves that had two little girls playing in it. They realized what they had done but didn’t turn themselves in, which means that they’re going to prison.

Phoenix Man Accused of Hit and Run Allegedly Drank 30 Beers

A Phoenix, Arizona, man accused of stealing a car, and hitting two pedestrians, one pregnant, allegedly told cops he had been in a nearby bar, where he drank 30 beers in the hours prior to the incident. The mind boggles.

Facebook Post Helps Solve Cold Case Hit and Run Murder of Carolee Ashby

FBI and police in Fulton, New York, solved a cold case hit-and-run murder because of a Facebook post. The post led to a tip that helped them identify the driver of a hit and run that killed Carolee Saide Ashby, 4, on Halloween night 45 years ago.

Red Bull Heir Arrested in Hit-and-Run Death of Policeman

Police in Bangkok, Thailand, arrested Vorayuth Yoovidhya, 27, for allegedly running over and dragging a police officer while recklessly driving a Ferrari. The victim, Sgt. Maj. Wichean Glanprasert, 47, was on a motorcycle patrol early Monday morning when police say he was struck and dragged for several meters by a Ferrari driven by Yoovidhya, the grandson of late Red Bull creator Chaleo Yoovidhya.

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