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16 forgotten assassinations

Assassinations and attempted assassinations that most of us no longer remember.

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders

The Phantom Killer, a serial killer known for killing when the moon was full, is believed to have murdered five people in Texarkana, the last victim on May 4, 1946. The case remains unsolved.

Queen Katherine Howard: In her defense

Of Henry VIII’s famous six wives, there is no doubt who possesses the worst reputation: fifth wife Katherine Howard. Anne Boleyn may be seen as the “Temptress” but is known as innocent of the adultery and incest charges trumped up to separate Henry from Anne and Anne’s head from the rest of her. As author [...]

Video: Ever wonder about cops and doughnuts?

What is the deal with cops and doughnuts anyway? This brief video will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the relationship between law enforcement and tasty fried dough.

Alfred Packer, the Maneater of Colorado

Alfred ‘Alferd’ Packer guided a party of five ill-fated prospectors in Colorado in the 1800s. All but Packer died before reaching their destination. Arrested for their murders, he told many versions of what happened, including having had to cannibalize their corpses to survive.

Watch: Former FBI ballistics expert discusses JFK investigation

Retired FBI agent Robert Frazier, a leading firearms and ballistics examiner at the time of President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination, recalls his role examining ballistic evidence in the investigation.

H. H. Holmes: One of America’s Worst Serial Killers

Homes is known for his infamous “Murder Castle” in which he gassed and dismembered his victims and stripped their remains in acid baths. He sold off the internal organs and skeletal reconstructions to medical schools around the country. Holmes was ultimately convicted of four murders, but is believed to have committed over 100.

Today in Crime History: Seven Inmates Executed at Sing Sing Prison

On August 12, 1912, a record seven executions were performed at Sing Sing Prison. A newspaper, reported the event saying, “In Sing Sing prison Monday morning there were put to death seven men, the greatest number at any one time in the history of executions by electricity.”

Jack the Ripper

August 7, 1888, marked the beginning of the investigation into the infamous and terrifying ripper killings with the murder of Martha Tabram, stabbed 39 times. Exactly who the first Ripper victim was is still hotly debated, as well as this brutal killer’s identity. The infamous Whitechapel murders, as they are also known, remain officially unsolved to this day.

More Haunted Crime Scenes

A scary collection of classic murder cases in which the ghosts of the victims continue to dwell in the places they were killed.

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