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Craziest Senior Pranks: ‘This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record’

Before graduating, high school seniors try to leave their legacy in the form of an epic prank. Much of the time, the administration is less than pleased.

The story of Larry King, the 15-year-old who was murdered for being flamboyant, gay and femine

15-year-old Lawrence “Larry” King asked his fellow classmate, on a dare, to be his Valentine. That classmate was Brandon McInerney and a couple days later, McInerney shot King in a computer lab at school. King died. The story is rife with high-school self-consciousness and the pushing the edges of gender and behavior — it was the subject of HBO’s documentary “Valentine Road.”

Alabama Teen Prankster Commits Suicide After Threatened with Sex Offender Registry

A fifteen-year-old probably didn’t expect his life to be ruined for streaking a football game. But when a principal threatened legal consequences and registration as a sex offender, he couldn’t handle it and took his own life.

Gym Mat Death Intrigue: Exhumed Body Stuffed With Newspaper

The family of Kendrick Johnson cannot believe that their son’s death was an accident, and new evidence shows that their suspicions all along may be right.

Jeffrey Dahmer Yearbook Signatures Surface Online

Most notable about the signatures is the drastic change in handwriting between 1975 and 1977, likely owing to Dahmer’s having developed drinking and drug problems during those years.

LOOK: Jeffrey Dahmer Making ‘Duck Face’

If serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer lived long enough to see Myspace or Facebook, he might have been one of those people always making kissy face at the camera. At least in this candid high school photo, he pulls it off admirably

Young Teacher Charged With Raping Female Student

A Utah math teacher and basketball coach is charged with raping a female student. The story of a high school teacher busted for sex acts with students is a one that comes up time and again, but in this case, the details are far different from the usual.

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