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Inmate who hid stash in butt, then mouth, later beat man for farting

Terrence Lewis, 32, may have turned himself in on various outstanding warrants, but he wasn’t going to make jail easy. On entry, he was caught with contraband in his butt, which isn’t unusual, so guards check each prisoner carefully. When caught, however, most people: A) deny, B) confess, or sometimes do both. Lewis, it seems, chose option C).

Photo: Prison visitor had 23 things stashed in his butt

Prison guards were surprised by the impressive array of items found in the “anus” of one AndrĂ© Silva de Jesus, 35, who was visiting an unidentified prison inmate. Reports indicate that a doctor’s note, saying that the suspect had a pacemaker and couldn’t be x-rayed, piqued guards’ suspicions. Though it’s also a good bet he was walking funny.

Man on meth allegedly shoots at police with gun from his butt

The man was cuffed, and though reports don’t say how, he managed to pull a Raven P25 Auto .25 handgun out of his butt crack and fire at officers. The suspect reportedly managed to squeeze off two shots before the gun jammed.

Man allegedly stashed drugs in this navel

It’s official, we can now add navels to the list of places that people hide their drugs. In Eastern North Carolina the belly button is so popular as a stash that in some circles it is reportedly called the “Percocet pouch,” and in jail someone’s got to search every one of ‘em.

Photo: Full body scan foils inmate with phone up his butt

In all honesty, there aren’t a whole lot of places for a guy in prison to stash his valuables, and jailers pretty much know where to look.

Butt shooting victim arrested when surgeon finds coke in his crack

A Louisiana man found shot in the butt over the weekend clenched inordinately, it turns out, as paramedics got him into the ambulance. No one thought too much of it, considering the location of the bullet wound. The surgeon, however, found well more than a bullet when he got the man on the operating table.

UPDATE: Oklahoma Woman Who Hid Loaded Gun in Vagina Sentenced

A woman who used her vagina to smuggle a loaded gun into an Oklahoma lockup has been sentenced for felony possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, felony gun possession and felony posession of contraband in a correctional facility.

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