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Inside the sad life of abused heiress Anne Scripps Douglas

Wealthy newspaper heiress Anne Scripps married handsome gold-digger Scott Douglas and all too soon became a battered wife, the victim of his alcohol-fueled rages, terrified of the man she once loved. Sadly for Anne, she was not nearly terrified enough.

Post cereal heiress murdered in Honduras

Right after General Mills heiress Nedenia Post Dye, 46, was found in her room dead of multiple stab wounds December 22, 2013, Honduras police caught the young man they believe was the culprit. Lenin Roberto Arana, 25, was covered in blood and trying to flee in the victim’s car. Dye, formerly of Santa Monica, had [...]

Seamless panties heiress thought she was saving husband from the mob–until he ran off with his girlfriend

Manhattan underwear heiress Candice Feinberg Lalicata, now 39, married a tanning salon worker in 2011. Now she’s alleging that husband Steven Lalicata, 30, bilked her out of over $700,000 that he told her he needed in order to pay off his gambling debts with the mob—but that he actually used to buy a series of [...]

Billionaire Charged with Obstructing Wife’s Burial

Billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing was formally charged with obstructing the “lawful and decent burial” of his wife, whose body was found in a decomposed state earlier this month in their $109 million mansion in London.

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