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Financial planner on trial for bludgeoning client to death with briefcase

The trial of David Jeffs is underway in London and the case has us fascinated. Jeffs allegedly stole $343,000 from gay socialite Roberto Troyan (pictured), then squandered it on fancy cars, cocaine and strippers. According to prosecutors, Troyan confronted Jeffs but before he could contact authorities, Jeffs beat him death with a briefcase.

Coroner’s Verdict: Cocaine Killed Dead American Billionaire

The circumstances surrounding the death of Eva Rausing, whose husband Hans Rausing is a heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, could not have been more bizarre. After police arrested Hans Rausing for an unrelated offense, he confessed to having lived in the same room as Eva Rausing’s corpse for weeks instead of reporting her death.

Did the Dead American Billionaire Know Who Killed the Swedish Prime Minister?

Eva Rausing, a heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, contacted Swedish investigative journalist and author Gunnar Wall claiming that she had information about the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme shortly before her mysterious death this summer.

Heiress Found Dead, Husband Arrested

Eva Rausing was found dead in her London home after police searched the residence in connection with her husband, billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing, being suspected of illegal drug possession.

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