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Slideshow: Hate By State

A geographic breakdown of crimes fueled by one of man’s most basic emotions: Hatred.

The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

Good neighbor Guillory was brutally murdered by the white trash family that she often helped.

Why Did They Kill Christopher Lane?

Authorities say the killing of Australian baseball player Chris Lane was not racially motivated, but you wouldn’t necessarily think that if you were reading the Twitter account of one of the alleged murderers…

San Francisco’s Zebra Murders

In 1973 and 1974 14 white people were killed and seven wounded in San Francisco by black supremacist Muslims called the Death Angels. The sect became known as the Zebra Killers, after police dedicated the Z radio frequency to all case-related communications. In a dawn raid on May 1, 1974, arrests were made, and the spree ended.

VIDEO: The Interrogation of Brandon Teena

Nebraska trangender man Brandon Teena (born Teena Brandon) was raped by John Lotter and Tom Nissen in 1993. When he went to report the rape to police, he was met by intense grilling from Sheriff Charles Laux, who refused to prosecute the men due to lack of evidence despite Teena’s testimony. Several days later, Teena was murdered, along with two others, by Nissen and Lotter.

Shawna Forde: Nightmare on the Border

Minuteman activist Shawna Forde claimed to have been racially profiled, falsely arrested and the victim of her controversial politics, but investigation instead revealed a narcissistic personality disorder, strong ties to a drug cartel and the coldblooded murder of a child.

Are Those Who Use The ‘Gay Panic Defense’ Homosexual Themselves?

The so-called “gay panic” defense has been used in trials that involve the murder or assault of a gay person by someone who acted violently in response to the victim’s alleged advances.

Convicted Amish Beard Cutters Fight for Release

The Amish convicted in beard-cutting hate crimes against other Amish, are fighting their sentence, saying that their incarceration in separate facilities around the country is an unfair burden on their families, and amounts to cruel and unusual punishment, a violation of their constitutional rights.

Cold Case Update: Unidentified Murder Victim Found in Barren County Ky. Was Scalped

Kentucky State Police are investigating the disturbing unsolved murder of an unidentified Native American woman, who was found scalped and shot to death in a wooded area, as a possible hate crime.

Alleged Nebraska Hate Crime Ruled a Hoax

Police have completed their investigation and are calling the reported July 21, 2012, hate-based attack on Lincoln, Neb., woman Charlie K. Rogers, 33, a staged incident.

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